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Beniley Spa

Copyright © 2005-2018 

Try a single oil or oil blend and join hundreds of thrilled clients enjoying good health with exceptional results!

Introducing our new Organic or Wildcrafted therapeutic, essential oils!

Take in the indulgent scent of our health-boosting
aromatic oils for recovery, renewal, or revitalization.


Sourced from the pure essence of flowers, seeds, roots
and the like, the essential compounds of these oils can be
used alone or with other treatments to help promote
mood-balance as well as support lasting
physical and mental health.

*Wildcrafted oils are organic, but may not be certified if sourced from areas without certifying agencies. The plants used within these oils are grown naturally in their native regions without the use of without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. All essential oils have been gas chromatography and mass spectrometry tested. Testing is based on organoleptic procedure (the "nose") and sensing its frequency level. Our spa uses only oils with latin names with parts of plant identified to ensure nothing foreign is ever risked.

These testimonials have been provided by our customers and are based on their individual experiences while using our products. 
Please note that results may vary according to any individual's body chemistry and so the results expressed here may not be typical for everyone. Additionally, the views shared here do not intend to suggest that our products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease as such claims have not been clinically proven or evaluated by the FDA. Quotations may be shortened for brevity or corrected for grammar, but are never altered to reflect opinions different than the original quotation in full.

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